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Jacopo Pucci

Junior Partner

Junior Partner of “Studio Pucci Associati”, high school diploma in classical studies, is enrolled in the Albo dei Consulenti del Lavoro (Register of Labor Consultants) of Lucca since 2013 to n.490. He deals with labor and social security consulting, labor and social security litigation, and human resources management. He is responsible for “Studio Pucci Associati” for this branch of specialization. He is interested in the “Romania project” to the problems related to labor laws compared to the international field and specializes in the management of human resources, payroll processing and labor laws in force in Romania, with particular reference to the circulation of people and work problems in the context of mutual relations between the two companies. He is also responsible for the process of adapting companies to the new European regulation on privacy GDPR.


Claudio Pucci:

Senior Partner

Senior Partner of Studio Pucci Associati, registered to the Albo dei Commercialisti ed Esperti Contabili (Chartered Accountants and Certified Bookkeepers Register) of Lucca since 1977, to the Registro dei Revisori Contabilii (Certificated Auditors Register) with the Ministry of Justice and the Albo dei Consulenti Tecnici, (Judge’s Technical Consultants Register) as well as to the Elenco dei Revisori degli Enti Locali (Local Government Bookkeepers Register) with the Italian Ministry of Internal Affairs, pursuant to Legislative Decree 138/2011.Gradueated in Economics and Economic and Labor Sociology he mainly deals with tax advice and the process of internationalization of companies. He is a partner of “Reconta Management Group srl” professional company in Bucharest. He is registered in the Register of Accountants of Romania (CECCAR) under no. 56 since 2004 and at the “Camera Consultantilor Fiscali” of Bucharest at n. 6017 since 2014.He started his profession young by getting his formally certified as an accountant. After a professional career that confronted him with nearly every sector related to accounting. He specialized in national and international tax system, tax litigation, business internationalization, business inheritance and generational transfer, and auditing. During the academic year 1995/1996 he held a course on “auditing and certification for companies working in the insurance field”. Since 2004 he’s been following Italian companies through the delocalization processes in foreign countries and consolidating his presence in Romania, where, being part of an Italian-Romanian professional society, he follows Italian investors through establishing companies under Romanian law and related administrative/legal/tax obligations fulfillment on site.

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