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Reconta Management Group LLC

Was established in November 2019 by Dr. Claudio Pucci. The headquarters are located in the city of Durres,
but with activity extending throughout Albania and beyond.

Subsidiary of Reconta
Management Group Srl Romania

Reconta Mangament Group is a subsidiary of Reconta Management Group Srl Romania established in 2002 by Dr. Claudio Pucci with the main focus, consultancy for foreign investors looking to invest in Romania.

The main focus & purpose

The main focus and purpose of the group is to provide professional services to companies operating in Albania, with a strong interest in Italian companies and foreign investors seeking to invest in Albania and in need of fiscal, administrative, legal and financial advice and assistance.


Why us?

We provide services with correctness and professionalism. Meeting customer requirements is our primary obligation.
Partnering with Italian accounting studio Studio Pucci Associati and Romanian Reconta Management Group Srl are important for a successful process of internationalizing your business.

Our goal is to provide differentiated financial services and consultancy.

Keeping track of customer activity, analyzing and reporting it in a timely and professional manner is our business philosophy.

Notifying customers of the latest economic, financial and legal changes is one of the main pillars of services we offer. Client updating is essential to today’s dynamic business world.

Our qualified staff provides a professional and timely service. We respond to any customer inquiries within 24 hours (24 business hours).


The services we provide

Reconta Management Group focuses on fiscal, financial, administrative and legal consulting for all firms seeking to operate in the territory of the Republic of Albania but also in Kosovo, the Republic of Northern Macedonia, Italy and Romania. All services can be offered in one of three languages: Albanian, Italian and English.

<b>Business plan </b> preparation service:

Business plan preparation service:

For new companies that will operate in Albania, we offer business plan preparation for all categories of businesses. Business plans will be based on the current state of the market and the legal system (fiscal and administrative).

<b>Registration Certification</b> Service:

Registration Certification Service:

Creation of the Company Establishment Act and Company Statute for Legal Entities, Application to the National Business Center and Registration Certificate.

<b>Physical Business</b> Building Service:

Physical Business Building Service:

Finding premises for rent in the case of renting or consulting in finding premises for purchase. Furnishing office environments through contacts with different suppliers.

<b>Accounting & fiscal</b> reporting:

Accounting & fiscal reporting:

Services in accounting for companies based on the National Accounting Standards and Fiscal Laws in force and performing tax filing procedures.

<b>Human Resources</b> Consultancy:

Human Resources Consultancy:

Human resources consultancy, preparation of work plans, work schedules, salary setting consultancy based on the implementation of the Labor Code in the Republic of Albania and other applicable laws. The service continues after providing human resources in developing systems and procedures for evaluating the performance of each employee to ensure a fair assessment of each employee’s contribution because the ‘ Human capital is the Achilles’ heel of any society ‘.

<b>Financial</b> analysis:

Financial analysis:

Is the most essential part of the service offered by our company. Financial analysis is the cornerstone of a successful business. The financial analysis will focus on the microeconomics and macroeconomics aspects. Micro financial analysis will be based on detailed financial reports related to liquidity ratios, solvency ratios, profitability and return ratios. The analysis will be detailed not only based on aggregate values but by splitting the reports into sub-ratio to better understand the aggregate result. The calculation and interpretation of the results is based on the latest international literature in the field of financial analysis provided by the CFA Institute, of which Igli Tartaraj is the company administrator.

<b>The macroeconomic</b> analysis

The macroeconomic analysis

Will be based on a macroeconomic assessment of the performance of the economy as a whole and the industry in which the company operates. Performing the Swot, Pestel and Port analysis are some of the methods used to analyze the market position of the company in relation to other companies in the industry. Differentiation and specialization are our vision to help our clients achieve their goals.


The Staff

The professionalism of the staff and the many years of experience of Dr. Cladio Pucci
are strong indicators to assure clients of a quality service.

Our Partners