Reconta Management Group LLC

Was established in November 2019 by Dr. Claudio Pucci. The headquarters are located in the city of Durres,
but with activity extending throughout Albania and beyond.

Reconta Mangament Group is a subsidiary of Reconta Management Group Srl Romania established in 2002 by Dr. Claudio Pucci with the main focus, consultancy for foreign investors looking to invest in Romania.

The main focus & purpose

The main focus and purpose of the group is to provide professional services to companies operating in Albania, with a strong interest in Italian companies and foreign investors seeking to invest in Albania and in need of fiscal, administrative, legal and financial advice and assistance.

Despite the fact

Despite the fact that society is at the forefront in Albania, the professionalism of the staff and the many years of experience of Dr. Cladio Pucci are strong indicators to assure clients of a quality service. Also, the experience of MSc Igli Tartaraj in Albanian and Italian territory in the fiscal, financial and legal field provide a differentiated and timely service.

Professionals covering

Our staff is made up of professionals covering the fiscal, administrative and financial areas. Staff members are fluent in Albanian, Italian and English.

Philosophy and Mission

The philosophy

The philosophy of the company Reconta Management Group Ltd is based on strict and dedicated observance of laws and regulations in relation to law enforcement agencies and society.

The company believes that ethical management is not only a way to differentiate itself from competitors but also to increase trust in customers, employees, employees, business partners and the community in which it operates. Evaluating the thoughts and opinion of each affiliate is the foundation of the company. Every little thought that may seem can be the seed for a future blossom.

The mission

The mission of the company is based on supporting current and potential Albanian and foreign businesses, in designing, creating and continuing the business by being a partner in every step they take to ensure the most efficient and sustainable performance.

In order to accomplish the mission, the company created opportunities for professional growth of staff inside and outside the country, participating in various conferences and forums organized by fiscal, financial and legal institutions, to keep up to date with the latest news and to be coherent with our partners.

Our Partners